Welcome to my new blog and the first of many blog posts.  This post is dedicated to what I love to do: speak.  Give presentations. Train. I love it all. I am very excited that I will be heading to Sin City (Las Vegas) to speak at the upcoming SHRM Annual Conference.

Several years ago I delivered a program at the 2008 SHRM Annual Conference in Chicago called Creating Bulletproof Documentation. I figured the program would attract a small audience as most HR professionals probably have a handle on documentation. SHRM viewed the program the same way.  We were both wrong. The program was standing room only 30 minutes before I was scheduled to start.  What I learned is that HR professionals, managers and everyone else in between are hungry for tips and tools about how to properly create documentation that will withstand the scrutiny of a judge, governmental agency or those twelve pissed-off employees who will render a verdict.  Since 2008, I have delivered that program dozens of times.

So, permit me to introduce my newest documentation program that I will be delivering on Monday, June 27 at 10:45 called Document, Document, Document.  This program will delve deeper into helping you perfect your documentation.  I will cover how to effectively write new, continue and improve statements and how to focus and provide more detail in an action plan.  Of course, no documentation program would be complete if I didn’t provide you many words and phrases to avoid in your documentation.

I have also included a section on notetaking.  I firmly believe if we can be better notetakers we can more accurately document events, incidents or whatever we need to in order to keep accurate records of what happens in the workplace.

On Tuesday, June 28 at 10:45 I will deliver a fun program as part of SHRM’s California track.  My program, California: The Golden State for Big HR Mistakes: What You Need to Know About Policies, Training and Key Statutes will help you maneuver the many laws and requirements here in the Republic of California.

So, if you head to the conference – stop by one of my sessions.  The conference promises to be a great experience and I look forward to seeing many of you there.

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