Tough Talks: How to conduct difficult employee discussions (webinar)

Do you dread engaging in a difficult workplace conversation such as telling an employee they have body odor or wear too much perfume? Or dealing with the ubiquitous whiners and complainers?

How do you start the dialogue ? Come join me for a webinar this Thursday called Tough Talks: How to Conduct Difficult Employee Discussions as I tackle some of your most difficult scenarios. Learn the best approaches to handle employees who:

  • Have personal hygiene or odor issues
  • Use vulgar or foul language
  • Gossip
  • Take excessive smoking breaks
  • Severely disrupt the company or office, but don’t directly break any company rules such as gossiping and speaking in a very loud voice
  • Engage in religious/political discussion

You can also call in and ask a question!  You can register using the link below.

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