Heading to the SHRM Annual Conference…

I am excited about my upcoming presentations at the SHRM Annual Conference. If you are heading there, please consider attending my top-rated program – Seven Steps to Creating Bulletproof Documentation.  Here is a link to this Mega Session: http://annual.shrm.org/sessionplanner/session/4629.  I know for most of you, your eyes gloss over when you think of getting your managers to actually document performance or disciplinary issues. My seven steps will help. I promise.  So, come to the session at 4:00 on Monday, June 17.

I am also delivering a program on Tuesday June 18 at 2:15 called California: The Golden State for Big HR Mistakes. Yes, I know California is like no other state, except for New Jersey, another very pro-employee state.

I hope to see you there. So, if you don’t attend the conference and would still like my presentation handout – send me an email. Just be patient and I will send it to you after the conference.


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