24-Hour Employee Hotline

You want your employees to complain, but not to a governmental entity or attorney. Make it easy for them to complain to you.

You want your employees to know that you take workplace complaints seriously.

Offering them a neutral, third-party employee complaint line available 24/7 not only demonstrates your commitment to full compliance with the laws that affect your workplace, but it shows that you actually care about the safety and comfort of your workers. Employees will like that. And juries will, too.

Key Benefits

  • Boost morale and productivity by letting employees know you take their concerns seriously
  • Employees speak with a professional trained in both Employment Law and Employment Practices
  • Receive immediate notification of complaints so you can quickly develop an internal plan of action

EP Specialists’ Employee Complaint Hotline is a non-threatening tool that encourages employees to discuss their concerns about inappropriate or unlawful workplace conduct.

The Hotline is an ideal resource for those employees who are fearful, or embarrassed about reporting that they’ve been the subject of a hostile or abusive act, experienced discrimination or whistleblower retaliation.The calls are handled by a neutral, experienced expert in employment practices who can gather all the information you need to handle internal workplace issues before they escalate.

Employment Practices Specialists offers your company a full-time, off-site complaint-reception resource that can bring confidence to your employees that they are being heard, and security to your company that you are being forewarned of possible problems.

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