Our goal is to help employers create an environment that complies with the law, and is also safe, open and most of all, productive.

With experience in employment law and employment practices, EP Specialists understands the issues that arise in organizations are complex and unique, so cookie cutter solutions will not do. Creative thinking and a hands-on-approach allow for a complete understanding of your organizational needs and goals. Training programs are designed to be engaging and interactive to maximize their impact, investigations are conducted in a professional and efficient manner to assist in resolving employment disputes, sensitivity training is focused on turning around risky behavior, and consulting services are approached as a dynamic exchange to create the right result for your organization.

Whether your needs center around training, investigations, or assistance with employee relations, Employment Practices Specialists offers solutions that work.

Learn more about EP Specialists’ principal Allison West, view a partial client list, read testimonials from satisified clients, and learn where EP Specialists has scheduled speaking engagements.

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